Anthony of Padua - statue - plaster - late 19th century

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Anthony of Padua - statue - plaster - late 19th century








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In very good condition

Anthony of Padua (Lisbon, 15 August 1195 – 13 June 1231), born as Fernando Martins de Bulhões in a rich, noble family, was a friar who was a theologian and teacher of the Church. He is considered an important Saint.

He joined the order of Saint Augustine in Lisbon in 1210. In 1212 he moved to Coimbra in order not to be disturbed any longer in his spiritual development by family matters. Impressed by the first martyrs of the Friars he joined them in 1220. He went to North Africa to spread the Christian faith among the Muslims. Later on, he worked in France and Italy. He was ordained as a priest probably at Forlì in 1222. Many people found their way to the Catholic faith due to his actions. By order of Francis of Assisi, he taught theology to his fellow brethren. In 1227 John Parenti, the then Superior General of the Friars, appointed him provincial superior of the Romagna in Italy, where he had already travelled and preached from 1222 to 1224. In 1230 he requested and received his dismissal as provincial superior because his health had deteriorated. He died in 1231 and was canonized by Pope Gregory IX less than a year later. In 1946, he, as a church teacher, was named ' teacher of the Gospel '.

He is the patron saint of the Franciscans, lost items, women and children, the poor, bakers, mineworkers, marriage, travellers and people in love and patron saint against shipwreck, plague and fever.

The basilica of Basilica di Sant'Antonio was built around his grave site in Padua.

The Church of Santo António à Sé in Lisbon is said to be built on the place where Antonius was born. He is a very popular Saint in the Portuguese capital. Since 1934 Antonius is a patron saint of Portugal and the 13th of June is an official holiday.

Statue is in good condition and is 45 cm tall.
Please see the photographs for an accurate impression of this lot.

Will be well packaged and sent by registered mail.

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