1.81 ct VS2 round diamond ring made of 14 kt white gold - size 6

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1.81 ct  VS2 round diamond ring made of 14 kt white gold - size 6








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14 kt gold – Ring size: 6 (USA)- 2,3 g

类型: 戒指 (更多拍品)
性别: 女士
材质细度: 14K包金
尺寸: 6
主石: 钻石

Details of centre diamonds:
Gemstone: Natural diamond
Shape: Round
Carat weight: 1.81 ct
Colour: J
Clarity: VS2-SI1

Metal details
Item: Solitaire diamond ring
Gold type: 14 kt solid white gold
Gold weight: 1.9 g
Ring size: 6 (USA)
Re-size is free of charge


FedEx insured shipment

Your country of residence may impose customs and import duties.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any question

This diamond has been clarity enhanced to improve the visual appearance of the diamond, the physical characteristics however can not be changed by this treatment .It is therefore that the clarity mentioned in the description and/or certificate should be regarded as the visual clarity and not as the intrinsic clarity.

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    Ware ok, geliefert wie beschrieben inkl. Zertifikat.
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    Billman 2019年2月15日

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    Very happy great service
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    user-f979b8f 2019年2月14日

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    Tutto ok. Oggetto pienamente rispondente alla descrizione e alle attese, corredato di certificato di garanzia e autenticità. Ottimo la spedizione, precisa e puntuale.
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    rimond 2019年2月14日

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    Good job
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    sinhunglin 2019年2月14日

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    Good seller
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    skerz13 2019年2月13日

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    Super schöner ring vielen vielen dank. Wahnsinnig schneller Versand.
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    user-1465373 2019年2月13日

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    the ring is great!
    a beautiful, clear and shiny stone.
    A very good service.
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    bim88 2019年2月13日

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    Todo correcto aunque hubo problemas con la aduana pero bueno eso no es culpa del vendedor
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    AlejandroFloresParedes 2019年2月11日

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    Love the ring so much ❤️❤️❤️ Thank You 😀
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    Sunni1963 2019年2月8日

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    user-dd27313 2019年2月7日

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    The product arrived as scheduled and customer service is a pleasure to deal with. They take all your concerns and make dealing with this company easy.
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    Pimbriano 2019年2月6日

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    The best seller you can find. The price is great for what you can buy with your money. Money goes, the diamond remains forever. What I bought is perfect. Little time for everything . Recommended
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    user-bf422e5 2019年2月5日

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    Bellissimo paio di orecchini
    Sono soddisfatta
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    Trudi2000 2019年1月30日

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    Zoll ist mit 146, -€ etwas teurer, aber dafür wurde ich entlohnt mit einem EINWANDFREIEM Schmuckstück. Jederzeit gern wieder.. Schneller Versand und KLASSE WARE. Wenn ALLE so wären, wäre es Supertoll.
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    user-622c882 2019年1月28日

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    reçu très rapidement et beau,mais on devrait quand même avertir qu'il y a des frais de douane!!
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    michel1943 2019年1月25日

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    100% ok
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    user-4ccdc9e 2019年1月25日

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    The ring is amazing and fits perfectly. I asked the seller to resize it and they did. They also promptly replied my message. The ring was delivered to Europe within 3 working days, which I wasn’t expecting. I am very happy with my purchase and totally recommend this seller. Thank you!
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    LauraFilip 2019年1月24日

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    Sehr schöner Ring, mit Zertifikat, sehr schneller Versand (2 Tage!) - vielen Dank, gerne wieder!
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    gudi-nord 2019年1月24日

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    Brilliant service and delivery. Fantastic company to deal with in every way. Extremely recommended. Thanks again.
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    user-49ab10a 2019年1月23日

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    Exceptional service, product and delivery, the ring is beautiful just as described, will for sure buy again from this seller. 100% for this seller.
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    user-2b15b41 2019年1月23日

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    Clarity I3 a szakértő szerint.Zárványok találhatók, szürke. ...értéktelen!
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    user-65e2ca5 2019年1月22日

    I don t think you are aware of what an I3 looks like .
    you bought a 1.31 ct for 1,000 euros with certificate included .
    Why did you not contact us before leaving us negative feedback ?
    We would have resolved this issue.

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    Todo perfecto ..lego rapido bien embalado y el producto igual que en las fotos publicadas en la subasta
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    user-9b7515b 2019年1月21日

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    Schmuckstück wie beschrieben. Superschnell: Donnerstag bezahlt... Dienstag angekommen. Schneller geht es nicht. (Israel - Deutschland)
    Perfekt! Sehr Empfehlenswert! Dankeschön
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    user-2d36f88 2019年1月17日

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    Viel zu hohe Einfuhrzölle.
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    Birgit14163 2019年1月16日

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    Bellissimi diamanti, una serie di problemi dovuti al servizio di corriere scelto dal venditore. Comunque la bellezza dei diamanti ha messo in ombra tutti i problemi avuti.
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    Antonio-Marcucci 2019年1月15日






美国 €47.00
丹麦 €47.00
加拿大 €47.00
卢森堡 €47.00
奥地利 €47.00
德国 €47.00
意大利 €47.00
挪威 €47.00
比利时 €47.00
法国 €47.00
波兰 €47.00
爱尔兰 €47.00
瑞典 €47.00
瑞士 €47.00
英国 €47.00
荷兰 €47.00
葡萄牙 €47.00
西班牙 €47.00
其他欧洲地区 €47.00
其他地区 €47.00



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