Chevrolet - Corvair Monza Cabriolet NO RESERVE - 1966

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目前出价 €10,000 ¥77,018
下个最低出价 €11,000 ¥84,719
地点: De meern (荷兰)
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€10,000 竞买人 1787
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可以提货的地点:荷兰 - 美国打捞标题 - 79599 mi - 4 - In fine condition, drivable condition, may require mechanic and cosmetic work

品牌: Chevrolet
型号: Corvair Monza Cabriolet NO RESERVE
年份: 1966
所在地: 荷兰
车体风格: 敞篷车
公里数: 79599 mi
车辆登记证书: 美国打捞标题
状态: 4 - In fine condition, drivable condition, may require mechanic and cosmetic work
变速器: 全自动
燃料: 汽油
颜色: 红色
Cubic capacity: 2687

This is an auction WITHOUT RESERVE PRICE. Grab your chance to become the owner of this amazing iconic classic: the Corvair convertible.

Second generation Chevrolet Corvair Monza which came with fully independent suspension giving this convertible great roadholding.

This Corvair came with the optional, stronger 110 HP 2, 7L 6-cylinder boxer. The engine starts immediately and runs well. Dynamo and carburetors were replaced recently. The choke needs retuning for a cold start.

The powerglide automatic shifts well.

The interior is complete and in original condition. The soft top is in good condition and was recently renewed.

The body is in good condition. The boot and bottom are stainless and look good. The outside sill on the passenger side has rust bubbles as pictured.

The paint is in fair condition and was sprayed the American way, it is still presentable though.

This Corvair is a perfect base for a simple restoration or it can be driven as it is. It does need a technical inspection for registration purposes, but it does drive and brake well.

PLEASE NOTE: The Corvair has a Salvage Title due to an insurance payment being made for water damage to the house where the car was parked. The Corvair itself, however, has NO damage.

Very nice Corvair convertible, ready to be enjoyed next season.

The car can be viewed and picked up in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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    certains défauts n'étaient pas assez clairement expliqués à mon avis mais sinon Greenville garage a été réactif pour toutes mes demande
    bon rapport
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    homdunet 2018年5月18日

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    Des zone totalement rouillé dont une fragilisant la structure n'étaient pas signalées
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    homdunet 2018年2月28日

    The rust issues were clearly visible in the pictures. These pictures were part of the discription of this car. Unfortunately, you have not looked at the pictures properly.

    Best regards
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    Bedankt voor de auto
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    rwal356 2017年9月26日

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    Alles top verlopen , zowel bij het bekijken als bij het ophalen. Top service
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    Uitstekende en correcte service verkregen vanwege verkoper Dhr. De Groen. Neemt ruimschoots de tijd voor bijkomende uitleg en is extra hulpvaardig, m.a.w, vertrouwenswaardig verkoper. Grtx, Luc
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    cariluc22 2017年5月16日

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    Personne très professionnel, très sympathique et j'ai reçu de nombreux conseils lors de l'acquisition. Ce fut un très bon moment. Merci !
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    After initial problems, seller was very cooperative and lead to good outcome
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    Very friendly and supportive seller, even with additional requests.
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    Très belle voiture, comme indiquée sur le site, super contact avec le vendeur réactif et bon suivi! Livraison hyper rapide et sérieuse. Je recommande ce vendeur à 100%. Brice M
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    bricou77 2016年6月24日

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    Truck wie beschrieben,super service bei Abholung
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    Sehr gute Kommunikation. Ein wirklich ehrlicher und positiver Kontakt.
    Sehr zufrieden, guten SL-Oldie gekauft.GreenvilleGarage ist empfehlenswert.
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    Jetfly 2015年11月17日

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    good condition and Greenville Garage preparation , only small steps to do before delivery.
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