14K包金 白金, 黄金 - 古董项链1920 / '30 - 1.24 ct 天然蓝宝石 - 12旧切割Diamons H / VS + Roos切割钻石

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14K包金 白金, 黄金 - 古董项链1920 / '30 - 1.24 ct 天然蓝宝石 - 12旧切割Diamons H / VS + Roos切割钻石








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拍卖费用: 中标金额的9%
配送至 美国: €49.99


€760 竞买人 9736
2019年8月17日 15小时:05分:59秒
€700 竞买人 9736
2019年8月17日 15小时:05分:45秒
€370 竞买人 7246
2019年8月13日 19小时:41分:51秒
€350 竞买人 1509
2019年8月10日 19小时:53分:51秒
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2019年8月10日 19小时:53分:39秒
€105 竞买人 9736
2019年8月9日 20小时:36分:55秒
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尺寸: Length: ca. 40.5 cm Attached Pendant: ca. 28mmx12.3mm - 总重量: 7.3 g

类型: 古董项链1920 / '30
性别: 女士
材质: 白金, 黄金
材质细度: 14K包金
尺寸: Length: ca. 40.5 cm Attached Pendant: ca. 28mmx12.3mm
Total Weight: 7,3 g
状态: 状态非常好 - 稍使用过,有一点点磨损的迹象
主石: 天然蓝宝石
Main Stone Treatment: Natural (untreated)
: 1,24
周边的宝石: 12旧切割Diamons H / VS + Roos切割钻石
净度范围: VS1 / VS2
Diamond Colour Grade: H

Circa 1920/'30 Wonderful Antique Necklace made of 14 kt. Yellow and White gold Gold. This necklace with pendant (attached) set with a natural blue Sapphire and 12 Old cut diamonds fine quality + old Roos cut Diamonds. This old necklace Mariage of three different parts, pendant with sapphire and diamond ring, intermediate part with two old-cut diamonds and rose-cut diamonds on gold chain. 585

Sapphire: ca. 7.8mmx5.4mm (approx. 1.24 ct.)
Oval faceted, transparent, blue
12 Old Cut diamonds ca : 2mm ca. 0.03 ct x12 total 0.36Ct H//VS
17 Old Roos cut Diamonds of different sizes from 1.5mm to ca. 2mm
We don't write here total Ct. of Old roos cut diamonds

Gemstones are commonly treated to enhance colour or clarity, this has not been researched for this specific item.

Gold: 585 hallmarked
Length chain: approx. 40.5 cm with safety lock
Size attached pendant: ca. 28mmx12.3mm
Weight: ca. 7.3 gr.
Provenance: Germany
Condition: wonderful

Sent as an insured and registered package in a jewellery gift box.

With different light color of the stones may look different.

Sent as an insured international registered mail and proof of delivery in jewelry gift box.

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    Well arrived, thanks!
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    Catalelio 2019年8月15日

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    Superbe bague,parfaitement conforme à la description.
    Par contre ,l'envoie est trés long,plus que par la poste,impossible d'avoir un suivi correct,livraison annoncée un jour et livré un autre jour !!
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    user-73fd28b 2019年8月7日

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    Helemaal blij mee.....maar
    Wel te veel voor moeten betalen helaas.

    Hartelijke groetjes,
    Ilona Lambooij.
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    user-382fb3d 2019年8月6日

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    Schönes Schmuckstück und seinen Preis wert.Hervorragend erhalten.
    Transport hat etwas gedauert,aber man wurde immer darüber informiert.Danke.
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    user-f4c7def 2019年8月1日

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    Parfait !!!
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    Essered 2019年7月31日

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    Goed verpakt en snel ontvangen.
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    user-b0b68d7 2019年7月29日

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    Venditore corretto e attento. Oggetto perfettamente confezionato, con scatola regalo allegata.
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    Pierluiginox 2019年7月22日

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    In het echt veel mooier dan op de foto’s, was aangenaam verrast. Erg goed verpakt !
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    Sued 2019年7月20日

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    Anello bello e puntualità nell'invio.Consiglio però di fare foto indossate perché la grandezza del gioiello sembrava maggiore rispetto a come è in realtà.
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    geen klachten
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    Pepper62 2019年7月8日

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    I'm delighted with catawiki.
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    gabriela09 2019年6月27日

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    Un po lenta la spedizione per essere un corriere e non posta ordinaria.
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    molto bene.grazie.
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    pagina 2019年5月23日

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    Dankeschön und Entschuldigung für das Missverständnis
    Lg aus Sachsen Jörg
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    user-295c81b 2019年5月23日

    Hi, I completely understand your review, but please believe me when I say I did everything necessary to find the package. As a seller I just don't have an option of walking over to your house and handing it over myself, so I have to reply on third party couriers. In general once a package doesn't arrive as planned it means something went wrong and that it has probably been stolen or lost which happens way too much with jewellery. In your case it seems like the initial delivery took place, but nobody was present and they left it at the nearest pickup point, but without notifying you or me, so it stayed there until found. My apologies for that, but that was also out of my hands
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    Très jolie bague, correspond bien aux photos, merci
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    user-99bee69 2019年5月3日

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    Purtroppo il venditore spedisce l'oggetto senza alcun riferimento cartaceo che attesti l'autenticita' del gioiello....ne' certificatodi garanzia né stima del valore..bigiotteria?
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    user-090b693 2019年4月18日

    Let's get this straight, because I'm not sure what I am missing. This is the item https://veiling.catawiki.nl/kavels/25436215 . I don't see anywhere in that description a certificate mentioned, not in title or sub-title either. Like I messaged you if you want to have official certificate you can easily go to any jeweller to request one of contact a laboratory to make one. We leave that choice fully up to the buyer, otherwise the price would be way higher. Let's take this price list as an example from AIG/IGL, an internationally recognised laboratory. It is €150 for a large report or €130 for a medium report on the strand (last line-no tax). https://imgur.com/a/O2xByu2
    If I had to make this report, it would also mean that the price would be at least 130€ higher, so why would I push this upon any buyer instead of letting them decide for themselves. Anyone can write down some data on paper and call it a certificate on this site. I don't do it because THAT would be a lie, it's a report.
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    All well
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    user-c0e9797 2019年4月13日

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    Prachtig sierraad. Alleen de koeriersdienst mag wel eens betere service verlenen. Op de website van GLS stond: pakketje afgeleverd... Ja dat klopt lag tussen de planten in de tuin...
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    ikornicraft 2019年4月12日

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    All was perfect!
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    Tres belle bague tres tres bien embale.merci
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    Todo bien
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    ... ma con segno negativo per tracce di collante sulla testa del serpente non rimovibili.
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    Todo ha estado conforme esperaba. Gracias
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    user-ec56782 2019年3月14日

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    EXCELLENT SERVICE !! Magnificent Necklace, love it a lot:-) :-) Well protective packed & extra fast delivery !! Good communication with sympathetic seller. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! Many thanks :-) :-)
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    Chipske 2019年3月8日

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    The piece I ordered arrived today, and I am in love with the piece. It is more beautiful in person than the photos in the listing. Shipping was also fast & secure. Will definitely buy from again! A++
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    user-edc8d80 2019年3月5日








美国 €49.99
丹麦 €29.99
加拿大 €49.99
卢森堡 €29.99
奥地利 €29.99
德国 €29.99
意大利 €29.99
挪威 €34.99
比利时 €17.99
法国 €29.99
波兰 €29.99
爱尔兰 €29.99
瑞典 €29.99
瑞士 €34.99
英国 €29.99
荷兰 €24.99
葡萄牙 €29.99
西班牙 €29.99
其他欧洲地区 €34.99
其他地区 €49.99




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