Nuremberg process - Lot with 6 issues - 1984/2009.

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Extensive and thorough titles concerning the persecution of the Nazi top with a total of 2900 pages plus DVD ‘Nuremberg’. Nazis on Trial: Three Men, Three Defence Strategies"

状态: 混合/多样
版本: 复数版
书籍的数量: 6
装订: 混合/复数

1. Richard Overy - De Verhoren: De Nazi-elite ondervraagd - Amsterdam, De Bezige Bij, 2002 - 700 pp. - Paper cover - 23 x 15 cm.

2. James Owen - Nuremberg: Evil on trial, the compelling story of the Greatest Trial in history - London, Headline, 2006 - 376 pp - paper cover - 23,3 x 15,3 cm.

3. Steffen Radlmaier - Het proces van Neurenberg: Oorlogsmisdadigers, sterreporters en het eerste internationale gerechtshof - Amsterdam, Cossee, 2005 - 350 pp. - bound with dust cover - 22 x 14,5 cm.

4. Leon Goldensohn - The Nuremberg Interviews: An American Psychiatrist's Conversations with the Defendants and Witnesses - New York, Vintage Books, 2004 - 494 pp. - Paper cover - 20 x 13,3 cm. - Spine anc back somewhat smudged.

5. J.J. Heydecker e.a. - Opmars naar de Galg: Het Proces van Neurenberg - Amsterdam, Sijthoff, 1984 - 530 pp. - Gebonden met stofomslag - 22,3 x 15 cm. - dust cover shows some wear, paper somewhat yellow, covers contains name and erased name (see extra photo)

6. Guy Walters - Hunting Evil: The Nazi War Criminals Who Escaped & the Quest to Bring Them to Justice - New York, Broadway Books, 2009 - 520 pp. - bound with dust cover - 24 x 16,5 cm.

7. DVD - Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial: Three Men, Three Defence Strategies - BBC - 2009 - 180 minutes.

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Because its actually about multiple trials, it’s also calles the Nuremberg trials. The trial was led by the big four: The United States, Soviet Union, The United Kingdom and France. The other allied countries sent observers. The court was called the international military tribunal.

The Big 4 based this trial based on the Moscow Declaration. This statement makes a distinction between big war criminals, including those whose crimes were not attached to a particular geographical place.

The trial started on november 20, 1954 until october 1, 1946, when the verdict was pronounced. During this trial, various stakeholders were active.

Critics have sought to fight the legitimacy of this trial, because the allied forces committed crimes and were not prosecuted. The latter is largely debunked by various defendants. Others were convicted to relatively light sentences. Lawyers stated that its a legal death sin that people were prosecuted for crimes which were not punishable before in international law. Today, the tribunal of Nuremberg is regarded as an important start of international criminal law.

The defendants were on trial according to the Charter of Nuremberg for conspiracy, crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, war crimes.

It is important to note that the judges rejected the command (befehl ist befehl - command is command). This happened for the first time in the trial against the German Anton Dostler.

Another defence of the defendants was that the principle of loyalty was damaged, because there were now laws and treaties that punished the wages of war. This defense was also rejected. The tribunal pointed out that the principle of legality was not inteded asa limitation of the sovereignty of states, but as a general principle of justice. It would be unfair if people, who knowingly violated the law could successfully call upon this principle and remain unpunished. In addition, the tribunal used the Briand-Kelloggpact and the Versailles treaty to show that a war of aggression was already forbidden in 1939. The defendants called this Siegerjustiz (victor’s justice)

On october 16 1946, the convicts were sentenced to death in the sporthall of Nuremberg, where they were housed during the trial. Göring was found dead, he committed suicide. The sentences were carried out by sergeant John C. Woods. The defendants were hanged according the principle of the long fall, followed by breaking their necks. According to the official reports everything went according to plan, but is is sometimes claimed that Woods made the fall shorter, so the condemned would die from suffocation. The time between execution and death statement was very long; Ribbentrop hung for fourteen minutes before he died, Keitel 24 minutes. Frick smashed his face against the edge of the hole. Just hours after Seyss-Inquart died, the bodies were brought to the crematorium of Ostfriedhof in Munich and burned there. The ashes were scattered on the Isar.

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